Company Description
AiDi Corporation is a global company that offers innovative, high-value, Passive Optical Network (PON) products and service. AiDi leads the way to expanding optical network markets and deployments through improved network efficiency and economics. AiDi has exceptional technical leadership in the industry, providing customers with advanced networking options at a lower total cost of ownership.

PON components from AiDi are remarkably well suited for harsh environments, as well as highly populated urban centers. All AiDi products are carefully engineered and manufactured to exceed industry standards, resulting in a higher standard for durability and a longer lifetime in the field.

The company is privately held with strong venture funding. It was founded in 2004 by industry pioneers with several U.S. and International Patents Pending. AiDi headquarters is in Japan, with independent operating subsidiaries in China and the United States.

Innovative, high-value PON products and services
•FOC ITL qualified splitters, saves time and money for cabinet suppliers
•Technical leadership, such as ultra-low loss performance, for advanced networking options at a lower total cost of ownership
•Well-suited for harsh environments and highly populated urban centers

Full vertical integration for consistent, high-value products
•Buy direct from AiDi factories, eliminate pass-through distributors and hidden engineering changes
•Expert control of the supply chain from raw materials to final product delivery
•Engineered and manufactured to exceed industry standards for greater durability

Geared to be responsive to customer needs
•US based customer support and engineering resources
•Joint development and roadmap opportunities

AiDi has a global presence
•Deployed by Verizon, CISCO, and others, as components of AWGs, splitters and assembled products around the world
•Headquarters in Japan, subsidiaries in the US and China, yields rapid innovation, high quality and cost-effective manufacturing
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