Fiber Arrays

Options for nearly any application
  • Single Mode (SM) for telecom, Multi Mode (MM) for datacom, and Polarization Maintaining (PM) for specialty applications
  • Pyrex or Quartz V-Groove; 1V, 2V, 4V, 8V, 16V, 32V, 48V; 96V standard.  Higher groove counts available upon request
  • Fiber Array Pitch 127um for any number of ports, and 250um for up to 48 ports
  • Lid thickness 1.0mm to 1.5nm
  • Options for Fan-out and Connectorized Fiber Arrays
High quality Fiber Arrays; a critical component in producing high performance assembled products
  • Exceeding the standards to increase the fiber array lifetime and dramatically reduce signal degradation
  • Fiber array pull strength as high as 1kg force
    • more than twice the standard
    • reduces fiber breakage during assembly
    • potentially eliminating post-assembly failures
  • AiDi splitters combined with AiDi Fiber Arrays are the only splitters that can withstand accelerated, extreme environmental testing – 110 degrees Celsius, 90% Relative Humidity (pressure cooker test) –  at both 48 hours and 288 hours
  • AiDi uses rigorous testing in its development labs to ensure the development of Fiber Arrays that greatly exceed the Telcordia GR-1221 quality standards

AiDi Fiber Arrays can be customized and built to your specifications. Contact Us
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